If you already have a screen door for your dwelling, then you probably know why it is important. If you still don’t have a screen door, then now you know why you should have one.Screen doors add security and protection to your home. It helps you be more confident on leaving the door wide open without having to worry about pests or excessive draft coming in. Albeit that there are many advantages of screen doors, there are still homeowners who are still yet to discover the importance of having one. But before experiencing all that, the installation comes first. It may seem difficult at first sight, but really it is simple and easy and can even be done by one person in a short amount of time. There may be various steps on the installation depending on the model, but here are some of the basic things to keep in mind when installing a screen door.

Must fit

It is very important that your high quality security screens to perfectly fit the original door lest the structural integrity may be compromised. Find the dimensions of the door, and then use it to mark with a tape the required lengths for the screen assembly. If there are excess in the frame of the screen, cut it out with a metal cutter. After identifying the needed dimensions, lay the frame on a flat ground to have visualized assembly configuration.

The frame

Usually, the frames of the door screens are designed to fit with each other, so there is no more trouble in the assembly. After putting together the frame components, which will depend on the type you have purchased, fasten the frame to the door trim. Make sure that it is tight-fit so as to assure the rigidity of the setup. For retractable screen doors, the orientation of the housing of the mesh is towards the hinge side of the door, or away from the side of the knob.

Sill type

One thing you must consider is the kind of sill you have on your door. It is the bottom part of the door where the door trims are placed. If it is extended, this is where the screen door frame sill will be rested. If the entry door is short or just fit enough for the original door, then a filler board can be added. A filler board can be made of wood, and must have the same height and length of the sill of the door to make their top even.


It is common sense that the screen doors will be mounted on the opposite direction of the door swing. If the door swings inwards, the screen will be installed outside. Otherwise, it will be placed inside. However, for sliding doors, it will depend on your own choice, but more often it is placed on the outside face of the door. For the latch and handle, of course it must be positioned always on the inside face. When placing the latch and handle, be aware of the door knob so they do not jar and clash when both the door and the screen door are closed.

When Installing Security Doors