One of the most dreaded things that could happen to your electrical wirings is a short circuit. This is a very common issue but in reality it should not be taken lightly because if this continues to happen then it can eventually damage your hard earned home appliances. Once your appliances gets damaged this will cost you more money to have it either repaired but there are some cases that would leave you with no choice but to buy a new one. Now for those who are not familiar of the term “short circuit” we would have to simplify its meaning so that everyone can understand it. A short circuit happens when two live and exposed wires get in contact with each other resulting for ot to spark, explode and start a fire. Most of the time a lot of homeowners don’t realize that their electrical wirings are are risk of experiencing a short circuit. That is the reason why we have to be aware of the things or scenarios that causes these types of accidents and what are the things that we can do to prevent this from happening. We should also have the number of an emergency electrician Concord that we can contact in case we need help or things get out of control. Majority of short circuits originate from old and faulty electrical wiring some of the wire covers gets exposed overtime due to wear and tear. Rats and house pets can also cause your wirings to be damaged by means of chewing them. 

Rats often crawl through ceilings and create small holes on the wires until it gets bigger over time. If you have dogs or cats they can chew electrical cords and plugs if left unsupervised. If you see any signs of faulty electrical wiring get in touch with electrical contractors so they can assess the damage and have the wirings repaired in no time. It is also important that we know how and where to trace the source of the accident. In some cases we would see sparks, minor explosions or fire. If this happens make sure to turn of the main switch and use a fire extinguisher to stop the flames from spreading. In most cases the circuit breaker will automatically trip to stop immediately stop the supply of electricity to the faulty outlet/ appliance. It would be helpful if we put the appropriate labels on each circuit breaker making it easier to find the source of the short circuit. Also make sure to unplug and check all power cords if they have been damaged or burnt.

What To Do If You Experience A Short Circuit